Kid Coders was founded by Rebecca Carmichael in 2014 to teach children how to code.

Rebecca holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science from The University of Newcastle and has many years experience working as an analyst programmer in the Information Technology (IT) sector.

Rebecca has taught hundreds of children to code in schools and preschools across Newcastle and through her Kid Coder school holiday camps. She has a passion for teaching children and understands how to teach complex concepts in a simple fun way to keep her students engaged.

Understanding why the code doesn’t work and finding different ways to code a solution involves critical thinking and problem-solving. Rebecca’s background in Computer Science and her industry experience allows her to provide expert insight in these areas and ensure the development of these skills in her students. This expertise differentiates Rebecca from the general classroom teacher.

Kid Coders offer a variety of services from classroom teaching to school holiday camps. To find out more see our services page or contact Rebecca.

I Am Eliza was conceived by Rebecca in 2017 to encourage more girls to participate in coding and other STEM fields.

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